Cubefield Hacked

Are you ready to test the navigation skills in the high-speed arcade game? Cubefield Hacked is best and fun to try challenging yet spaceship steering game for teens, kids, and even grownups. So, are you ready to fly the spaceship through virtual cubefield that is treacherous? It is essential to have good hand-eye coordination for a good score. The addicting game lets you compete with your friends as long as you want. You won`t be getting any second chance in the game, it is better to play with complete concentration.

High Arcade Cubefield Hacked

The extremely addictive game is easiest at the beginning but will become hardest as the game progress. The game features an automatic ship which moves through a colorful cubefield. The mission of the player is to drive the spaceship carefully in order to avoid cubes and progress as far as the player can. As the player progresses in the game, the speed of the ship increases. So, you definitely need super fast reflexes to overcome the obstacles in the game. Accidentally, if an obstacle is hit, the game will be over instantly. In order to get a high score, go as farther as you can. Play Cubefield 2 game, enjoy the old version.

How to play Cubefield Hacked?

Cubefield Hacked is available online for free. The game is simple, free and interesting. Press New Game to start the game. The small spaceship will pass through yellow and orange cubes in the cubefield. The left and right arrow keys are used to control the ship to avoid obstacles in the way. The score will be displayed at left corner and will keep on increasing as the player progresses.  Press P to pause the game. When you pause the game, next direction of the ship will be determined. If you try best to drive spaceship out of a tangled labyrinth, you won’t experience any extra obstacles on the way.

Enjoy playing Cubefield hacked

Cubefield hacked is really an interesting and excellent game which can be enjoyed through hacked way at office, restaurants, or at school. It is a fast-paced game that offers a simple yet intuitive interface and environment. There are no second chances in Cubefield because as soon as you hit the cube, a spaceship will be destroyed. So, it is best to navigate the spaceship skillfully between the gaps of colorful cubes. For a high score, good coordination and skills are required. However, the game is addicting and will keep engaged for hours. Let’s see how far can you get in this game.


The game starts off really easy but is challenging as the never-ending cubes keep stretching on the screen. It runs perfectly on all browsers with the latest flash player.

 Fly invincibly as much as you want in Cubefield Hacked and set the high score. Good Luck!