Play Cubefield 2 Game Unblocked

Were you ever played Cubefield in your childhood? What was your highest score? Cubefield is an interesting game which requires your patience and full attention. If your mind is diverted then don’t play because it gives you no other chance. Once you got hit, the game is over.

Cubefield 2 game Controls

Now the new version of Cubefield is online. Cubefield 2 is here with faster speed to entertain its players. You can play it online at our website.

Cubefield 2 Gameplay

Cubefield 2 has the grayish background and faster speed than the previous version. There are only two controls; Left and Right. You can control your ship with the arrow keys of keyboard among the fast reaching colored cubes. Fully concentrate while playing because if you hit any single cube, the game will be over.

As the time goes up, the speed also goes up and up. The game is simple but it makes you addicted to it. As well as, It needs your patience to score high.